5 Signs It’s Time For a New Furnace

Air Control Heating and Air, Your Alpharetta HVAC Specialist Asks, “Is Your Home In Need of a Furnace Installation?”

Fall has officially arrived here in Alpharetta, Georgia, which means it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about furnace installation and repair. Although the season has brought several cool nights already, those in need of furnace repair or replacement services still have time to shop around. However, with cold winter nights on the horizon, the best time to schedule an inspection is today—before your system fails on a frigid night. How can you tell if there’s an issue with your current furnace? Air Control Heating and Air has put together a list of the five signs to look for when assessing that important question.

5 Signs Your Furnace May Be Failing

Signs that your furnace needs some degree of service can include the age of the unit, unusual or loud sounds coming from it, a lingering odor, and the furnace’s efficiency. Air Control Heating and Air, your furnace installation specialists for Alpharetta and the North Fulton area, will go over a few of the most common telltale signs that you and your family should be aware of and on the lookout for this season.

Here Are 5 Questions You Should Think About 

1. How Old is the Furnace?


A typical furnace with regular maintenance can keep your family warm for well over a decade. Furnaces have a relatively long lifespan and can be incredibly reliable for your home if they are well-maintained by a professional. However, it’s important to know just how old your furnace is so you can have a rough idea of when it’s time for a new one.

As a homeowner, you have a lot to keep an eye on—it’s hard to keep track of every detail around your home. That’s where HVAC professionals can lend a hand. The technicians of Air Control Heating and Air can not only give your furnace the upkeep it needs, but we can also give you an honest assessment of your furnace’s condition and advice on the best time to seek a replacement.


2. Does It Make Strange Noises?

Naturally, as with most appliances in the home, the furnace is not completely quiet when in operation. It’s typical to hear a consistent hum while the furnace is running. However, if your furnace has suddenly started running louder than normal or now makes unusual noises, then it is time to have a professional come out to assess it and possibly consider a replacement. Some of the unusual and concerning sounds to listen for is popping, buzzing, rattling, clicking, or grinding. Also, if your furnace is continually “cycling”, in other words turning on and off, even though the home feels warm, this is a sign to have your furnace checked out.


3. Is There a Lingering Odor?

Because the furnace hasn’t been running since the last cold season, the air likely smells noticeable as it comes out of the vents. That is common this time of year when the furnace is turned on for the first time all season. Although the smell isn’t pleasant, it should clear out rather quickly. If it lingers for a few days or strongly smells like natural gas, a service should be scheduled as soon as possible.


NOTE: As always it is advised that every home have a carbon monoxide detector installed. That’s even if your home is electric!


4. Is It Heating the Whole Home Evenly?

furnace-installation-alpharetta-womanThe time and the costs it takes to heat your home are dependent on various factors such as local utility rates, the age of your furnace, the type of furnace, outside temperatures, and more. With that said, you know your home and furnace’s typical performance best; for example, you know how long it usually takes to heat up the house, which rooms are the warmest, and so on.

If it takes longer than usual to heat your home, if heat is delivered unevenly, or if the utility bill is unreasonably high, the unit is not running at maximum efficiency and likely requires a technician’s expertise. Furthermore, something is wrong if you notice that the furnace isn’t cycling properly—that is, it runs constantly or it turns on and off repeatedly and quickly.

For a younger unit, an adjustment or simple repair may be all that is needed. But, over time, a replacement may be necessary to keep your home consistently and efficiently warm this cold winter season.

5. Frequent or Costly Repairs


A furnace is bound to need a few services to keep it performing at its best. However, it is safe to assume a furnace that calls for frequent repairs is nearing the end of its life cycle. Another sign is when the bills for repairs start adding up to nearly the cost of a replacement.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Fall is already here, and the coming months only getting colder; make sure you can rely on your furnace all season long. It’s important to know and pay attention to the signs of an aging furnace. Learning these signs, being proactive with scheduling maintenance from a professional, and looking into a replacement as needed are all important factors in keeping your home or office comfortable during the winter months.

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