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When Should I Have My AC Serviced For Summer?

With warmer days on the horizon, don’t be left sweating in your home due to a broken AC unit. Having been in business for 30 years, we’ve seen too many people suffer at the hands of their neglected AC units. Early Spring is the best time to reach out and ask about our AC service in Roswell. Make sure yours will run smoothly and efficiently all summer long by scheduling a service this Spring.

How Often to Schedule an AC Service

To ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently all year long, it’s important to have it serviced twice per year:

  1. Early-Mid Spring – An inspection prior to the summer heat really kicking in helps guarantee a cool, comfortable home or office.
  2. Early-Mid Fall – Scheduling a service before freezing temperatures arrive helps make sure your space stays warm through the winter.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can actually save a significant amount of money. An HVAC system that runs at optimum performance consumes less electricity and is far less likely to have something go wrong. Neglected systems will inevitably run into breakdowns which can cost hundreds or even thousands to fix, and thousands more to replace, meaning regular maintenance is crucial.

Why Avoid a Summer AC Service in Roswell?ac service roswell

Like we mentioned above, scheduling an AC service to inspect and rejuvenate your system ahead of the rising heat protects you from untimely breakdowns. Additionally, getting it done early lets you avoid the increased demand that HVAC contractors experience as summer arrives. That allows us to work more easily around your schedule.

As the days get hotter, more and more people reach out asking about repairs and replacements, quickly filling up contractor schedules. Consequently, if your AC starts giving you trouble during this busy time, it likely won’t be able to be serviced immediately, resulting in one or more days of downtime.

While we do make breakdowns a top priority and do everything to get your AC back up and running ASAP, it’s for these reasons that we strongly urge our neighbors and communities to be proactive rather than reactive.

Symptoms of an Inefficient or Failing AC Systemac service roswell

A number of tell-tale signs can alert you to an AC system that’s on its way out. If you notice any of the following symptoms, we recommend contacting your local Air Control specialists to confirm your suspicions and fix the issue.

  • Ineffective cooling
  • Decreased airflow
  • Strange sounds and/or smells – Noises typically described as banging, rattling, squealing, grinding, or grating. A musty smell likely indicates mold in the unit itself or within the duct work, while an electrical or burning smell points to overheating or an electrical issue.
  • Unusually high energy bill

Underperforming AC can increase utility costs significantly, especially here in Georgia. According to a U.S. EIA report, heating and cooling systems account for about 40% of all energy consumed in a commercial space. Furthermore, the EIA notes specifically that the South uses more than twice the amount of energy (15%) on cooling than any other region (<6%).

Consider a Maintenance Planac service roswell graphic

HVAC maintenance plans, available to both residential and commercial properties, are a great way to save money and are increasing in popularity each year. Our plans also come with additional 5-year parts warranties, discounts, and priority service. Remove the hassle of remembering to get your HVAC system serviced while also saving time and money when you join.

Cool, Confident, and Comfortable With 5-Star AC Service

For 30 years, our team of experienced HVAC specialists have been providing Roswell and surrounding communities respite from Georgia’s hot and muggy summers. Our affordable maintenance plans keep your system running efficiently all year long, and our experts are ready and able to handle any of your other heating and cooling needs in between.

Whether it’s to help answer a question you have about your HVAC system or for a complete replacement service, give us a call today at 770-667-5300 or contact us  to get started!

ac service roswell