How do I know which furnace to buy?

Stay Warm this Winter with Quality Furnace Replacement in Roswell!

Welcome to winter! In the last week, many of us have learned the hard way just how well our furnace works.  Upon this discovery, you may have realized that it is time to take a more careful look at your furnace for possible replacement. Does it still give you the warmth and comfort your family needs to endure what is left of the winter? If your home’s furnace does not work as efficiently as it should it may be time for a replacement. But given the number of choices available, how do you know which furnace to buy? Here are a few factors you may want to consider when shopping for a furnace replacement for your Roswell home.

Choosing the Right Furnace: 4 Factors to Consider


furnace-replacement-roswell-mapYour choice of furnace depends largely on the existing climate in your region. Furnaces with a U.S. South ENERGY STAR stamp are suitable for areas with milder climates (i.e. areas that do not experience freezing temperatures, particularly those in the South, Southeast, and Southwest regions) while the rest of the country may need furnaces with more heating power.

Furnace Type

Generally, furnaces can be classified according to their energy source: gas, electric, and oil.

  • Gas furnaces are the most popular choice. These units are traditionally cheaper to install and the fuel source is readily available. They are also considered to be the least expensive of the furnace types.
  • Oil furnaces are usually used in areas where the gas supply is limited or inaccessible.
  • Electric furnaces are often the chosen alternative to gas furnaces for those seeking a “greener” environmental footprint. Electric furnaces, however, cannot efficiently heat larger homes, take longer to heat and, depending on the cost of natural gas in your area, are likely to have higher operating costs.

Furnace Size

Only a properly sized furnace can adequately heat your home. A furnace that is too small will not have enough power to provide the level of comfort that you need in all areas of the house, while a furnace that is too big will generate more heat than you need and waste energy in the process.

To determine the right size furnace replacement unit for your Roswell home, you need to consider the total square footage and the number of levels in your home first.  Other factors include:

  • The number of rooms you have.
  • The type of material your home has (siding, brick, or stucco).
  • The direction your home faces (does it get lots of sun or are you surrounded by trees-shade?).
  • The condition and number of your home’s windows.
  • Your home’s ceiling height.
  • The insulation used in your home (and where it is used).

The process of assessing all these factors and choosing the right furnace for your home’s unique needs can be highly technical and confusing.  It is always recommended to consult with a professional HVAC contractor, such as Air Control Hearting and Air, to help you with this process.



The estimated cost of replacing a furnace may range from $2,000 to $9,700 for a natural gas furnace and between $2,000 and $6, 200 for an electric furnace. An oil furnace replacement in Roswell can cost anywhere between $4,300 and $9,200. However it is important to remember that several factors can affect these costs, including the difficulty of installation, the brand of the unit, and changes to furnace type (ex. switching from a gas furnace to an electric furnace or vice versa).

How Do You Know if, and When, Your Furnace Should Be Replaced?

Normally it is time for a furnace replacement if your unit is more than 10-15 years old. However, other signs can appear earlier.  For example, if your furnace:

  • Requires frequent repairs
  • Does not heat the home comfortably (some areas are colder than others or you experience temperature spikes)
  • Causes unusually high energy bills
  • Emits unusual sounds
  • Cycles (turning off and on) constantly
  • Starts to produce soot

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