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How HVAC Maintenance Makes Sense for Your Rental Property

HVAC is essential when it comes to your property’s comfort and livability. Your tenants care about heating and air conditioning—they want their families to be comfortable all year. As autumn nears, it is important to check for any heating maintenance that may need to be done to make sure the system is in good working condition before we reach the winter months. Performing preventative maintenance helps ensure that your HVAC system continues to run smoothly for years and that your rental property provides guests with the best experience possible.

Your HVAC System Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Nearly 90% of American households use AC, but are those systems being maintained? You might have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to your HVAC unit. However, when the HVAC unit goes out unexpectedly, it can cause major issues and unwanted costs for a landlord. Surprise breakdowns, repairs, and headaches can be minimized with regular maintenance.

The Solution: An HVAC Maintenance Plan

An Air Control Heating and Air HVAC maintenance plan provides rental property owners with an expected schedule and a set service. When our HVAC service technician comes out to check up on your property’s system to perform preventative maintenance, they will inspect and clean all of the major components as well as look for any signs of wear and tear that may lead to problems.

The service technician will also test the system, making sure it is running optimally and efficiently. If a problem appears at any point during the checkup, they may advise an immediate repair or suggest scheduling one in the near future. Essentially, this is the most cost-effective approach that results in great HVAC performance.

Maintenance Plans Simplify Your Work as a Landlord

heating maintenance

Landlords may have difficulties finding time to work on their property’s HVAC unit. This is further complicated by having to coordinate it with a tenant. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance by an Air Control professional makes the job of the landlord easier and keeps tenants happier. With cold months right on the horizon, now is the best time to contact a professional for heating maintenance and to enroll in a maintenance plan.

Additionally, keeping up with the system will save money by not having to unexpectedly replace parts and make costly repairs as well as save on energy costs by keeping it running as efficiently as possible.

The Cost of DIY

As a property owner, it’s understandable that you may want to save some money by maintaining your HVAC unit on your own. We heavily advise that you don’t do it yourself, and here’s why.

heating maintenance

HVAC units are complicated. They are much more involved than installing a light switch or patching up some drywall. Watching a few how-to videos on YouTube will teach you just enough to be dangerous. By doing this, you could damage your equipment, order the wrong part, or simply fail to make the proper adjustments. This may result in an inefficient system or the need for expensive repairs. As a rental property owner, this could lead to bad reviews that could harm your reputation.

heating maintenance

Ultimately, you’ll likely end up calling a professional anyway. Save yourself the hassle and money wasted from trial-and-error. Have your system maintained by a certified professional to keep your HVAC system in good running condition. Your tenants will thank you for it.

HVAC maintenance is best handled by an experienced service provider with certified technicians. While a simple thing such as checking an air filter may not require expertise, other critical services should always be handled by professionals. Hiring a professional service, like Air Control Heating and Air, to maintain your rental property’s HVAC unit will help save money, provide your renter with a comfortable living space, and ensure everyone involved avoids unexpected stress.

Let Air Control Heating and Air Maintain Your HVAC System

Air Control is a locally owned HVAC serving the Metro Atlanta area. We would love to help support your rental property with our heating maintenance services and an overall system checkup. Give us a call today at 770-667-5300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or have your questions answered.

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heating maintenance