HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Why an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Your HVAC system should be running efficiently year-round to provide you with the temperatures you deserve to keep you comfortable. An HVAC unit is a complex piece of equipment—therefore, it requires attention! To minimize consumption costs, service calls, and broken parts, we recommend HVAC maintenance twice a year on your unit. Maintenance includes cleaning and checking out the system before turning on your AC or heat to ensure it is operating at its best. With winter in full swing, it is the perfect time to set up your new maintenance program with Air Control Heating and Air to keep your home happy and warm to begin this new year.

Air Control Maintenance Plans

Most companies offer maintenance programs and contracts to provide benefits and services for the customers that take precautions with their system. Performing maintenance on your system means fewer service calls and happier customers! A system that receives regular maintenance will last longer and give you less hassle throughout its lifetime. Please read below for the details of our programs. (Prices subject to change*- Call for more information)

Bronze Plan- One System in the Home
$170/year or $14.59/month

  • Two Tune-Ups—one in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter
  • Tune-Ups include an 18-point system check
  • Refrigerant Leak Check (1)
  • Filter Replacements (2)

Customers with the Bronze Plan receive a 10% discount on all repairs, parts, and labor if they need a service call during the year. They also have priority service—we will fit your service check into our schedule even during the busiest time of the year! All parts will receive a 5-year warranty as well. An additional HVAC system in the home can be added to this plan for $95/year.

Silver Plan- One System in the Home
$395/year or $33.90/month

  • Two Maintenance Visits (18-point system check)
  • Filter Replacements (2)
  • Refrigerant Leak Check (1)
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning (1)—worth $200!
  • Chemical Condenser Coil Cleaning (1)—worth $160!

The Silver Plan comes with added benefits and yearly cleanings that can help purify your air, extend your system’s life, and prevent issues with the coil that can result in expensive repairs! Along with the 5-year part warranty and 10% off on parts, labor, and repairs, you will be guaranteed repair service when needed within 24 hours of your call to us. Whether it is the hottest or coldest day of the year, you won’t go more than a day without comfort! An additional HVAC system can be added for $195/year.

Gold Plan- One System in the Home
$695/year or $59.65/month

  • Two Maintenance Tune-Ups (spring and fall)
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning (1)
  • Refrigerant Leak Check (1)
  • Filter Replacements (2)
  • Service and Drain the Water Heater—worth $250!
  • Free Repair Diagnostic (1)—worth $80!

With the Gold Plan, you will receive a 15% discount on parts, service, and labor. You will have guaranteed 24-hour service and a 5-year parts warranty. This gold plan gives you the most for your system for the best price. An additional HVAC system can be added for $325/year, and additional water heater can be added for $150/year.

Why Should I Maintain My System?

An HVAC system is just like us! When we keep it happy and healthy with regular check-ups, it stays strong and can operate efficiently! In addition, yearly maintenance has shown that it:

  1. Keeps energy costs down significantly
  2. Lowers power bills each month
  3. Extends the expected lifetime of the system
  4. Requires fewer service repairs
  5. Provides more consistent temperatures throughout the home
  6. Improves your home’s air quality
Contact Air Control Heating and Air- Roswell, GA

Each year brings an unknown, but we like to keep one thing known—your air conditioning unit is reliable! Therefore, maintaining it and ensuring we tune up the system twice a year can bring you peace of mind each time your turn the heat or AC on. Don’t let the HVAC system ruin the fun—call us today to talk to a technician, sign up for a program, or ask more questions! Our team is fully equipped and trained on the maintenance programs and is happy to talk to you.

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