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4 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Season

Colder weather is upon us once again, and homeowners are doing what they can to keep their homes warm. As frigid temperatures pass through the Atlanta area, you and your family can stay comfortable by keeping your home energy-efficient without raising your electricity and natural gas bills. Those costs can be just as concerning for a homeowner as freezing temperatures would be. Air Control Heating and Air‘s furnace installation specialists, serving Roswell and surrounding areas, explain some ways to keep those bills comfortably low.

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

With living costs increasing all around, homeowners may be taking a closer look at their budget and tightening up spending wherever they can afford to. Doing so may be challenging if you want to keep your home warm this winter. But fear not—there are some practical and simple tricks you can use to lower those heating bills.

1. Stop Air Leaksfurnace installation Roswell

Wherever gaps to the outside exist throughout the house, warm inside air can escape and cold outside air will come in. It’s important (and easy!) to check around doors and windows for cold drafts or daylight sneaking in. Replacing worn-out weather stripping and caulk is a quick and easy job that can make an immediate difference.

The tougher spots, unfortunately, are also typically where the biggest leaks are happening. In the attic and the basement, leaks usually occur where pipes and electrical components penetrate the home’s barriers and are improperly sealed. Locating these gaps may be tricky, but the solution can be simple if you’re handy with a caulking gun or expanding foam insulation.

Paying extra attention to the attic in the winter is also important because heat rises. This means that heat is most likely to escape up there due to gaps and insufficient insulation. Replacing or adding more insulation will help stop the rapid heat loss.

2. Lower the Thermostat

Manually lowering the thermostat is a tried-and-true method for saving money through the winter months. But programmable and smart thermostats offer the most impressive savings throughout the year. This technology can optimize your HVAC unit’s schedule to keep it warm when you need it most and save you money when you’re away from home. Call us at Air Control to hear about the latest ecobee thermostats, which can save you over 20% on heating and cooling costs.

And while lowering the thermostat is important to saving money on energy, what’s equally important is having a furnace that can efficiently and evenly heat your entire home. Air Control Heating and Air has been the trusted provider of furnace installations and other residential HVAC services in the Atlanta area, including Roswell.

3. Get Cozyfurnace installation Roswell

Naturally, lowering the thermostat can make some families chillier than preferred. Of course, the obvious solution (apart from cranking the thermostat) would be to open your closet and put some warmer clothes on.

In addition to sweaters and socks, you can outfit your home to make it a bit cozier. For example, if you have hardwood or similar flooring, it’s a fantastic idea to put a few area rugs down. These mats will help insulate the floor, making it more comfortable to walk around and retaining some of the heat in your home.

Finally, be sure to use any natural warmth you can get, including making good use of the available sunlight that makes its way into your home.

4. Check Furnace Filters

For homes with forced-air heating, filters should be replaced on a regular basis, and an HVAC maintenance technician from Air Control Heating and Air can help keep you on schedule. The reason your air filter matters is that air can flow easier through a clean filter. If the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced, it will take more energy to pass through, which leads to higher energy bills. And while simply changing the filter will help boost your furnace’s efficiency, there are still other components that could be holding it back—which is why preventive maintenance is so important.

Preventive maintenance is more involved than just changing filters. It includes checking the unit as a whole, as well as all of the safety components built into each system. If your home is located in Roswell or another North Atlanta community, Air Control Heating and Air’s furnace installation and maintenance plans may be just what you’re looking for to make those energy savings last.

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