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Can Poor Air Quality Be Affecting Your Family’s Health?

Understanding the Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality 

The quality of the air that flows through our homes often goes overlooked. Air quality plays a major role in our overall health and well-being, including pets, children, even visitors who stop by. An unmaintained HVAC system may circulate allergens such as mold, pet dander, and smoke, as well as outdoor pollens, throughout your home. Poor indoor air quality inevitably can affect your family’s health without you even knowing it. A health-first mindset is more important than ever, and now is the perfect time for homeowners to prioritize their home’s air quality.  Luckily, certified HVAC specialists can help. If you’re looking for an air conditioning service in Johns Creek to help improve your home’s air quality, look no further. Air Control Heating and Air is ready to help you and your family breathe easier.

Poor Air Quality Can Affect Everyone in the Home  air conditioning service johns creek

Poor air quality can affect everyone in your home. However, some members of your family may be more prone to health risks than others. Those who are already vulnerable are the ones most affected by poor indoor air quality. Those who face the most significant risks include young children, the elderly, and those struggling with chronic illnesses (especially illnesses that affect the lungs such as asthma or COPD). Having clean air is critical because those most susceptible to the health risks caused by poor indoor air quality are also those who may generally spend most of their time indoors.

Here at Air Control Heating and Air, serving Atlanta and the Johns Creek area, we have been taking care of the North Atlanta area’s air conditioning service needs for close to 30 years. We want to serve you in any way we can, so let’s discuss some potential causes and solutions to poor indoor air quality and how it can affect your health.

Signs That Your Homes Air Quality May Need Improvements

Dirty Air Ducts

 air conditioning service johns creek

The first item on the list to look out for which contributes to air quality is overly dirty air ducts. Air duct cleaning is recommended when moving into a new home or every few years as needed. The air inside the home typically gets fully circulated 7 to 10 times per day. This means that any allergens and particulates that get picked up are being blown throughout the home, as well as allowing them to become trapped within the ductwork, which can lead to mold growth.

Insufficient Ventilation

In addition to dirty air ducts, insufficient ventilation is a prominent health concern within the home. This leads to the air within the home becoming increasingly saturated with pollutants and emissions. For air quality to improve, there needs to be an exchange of air with the outside to dilute any harmful particulates being released and trapped inside. This can be accomplished by:

  • Opening windows and/or doors
  • Installing window-mounted air conditioning units
  • Talking with an HVAC company about new home comfort systems that bring in outdoor air

Potential Carbon Monoxide Leaks  air conditioning service johns creek

Carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly. Sources of carbon monoxide in the average home include fuel-burning appliances and devices such as clothes dryers and water heaters. One item that every home needs for certain is a carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Thankfully, carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive and easy to find. They can be found at plenty of hardware stores or online.

Due to their high importance and low price point, they are strongly recommended as a must-have, since CO leaks and buildups can easily go unnoticed without one. As mentioned earlier, improved ventilation will help dilute emissions such as these, although it is not a replacement for a CO detector or properly-installed appliances.

Protecting Your Family With Premier Indoor Air Quality Equipment

Air Control Heating and Air offers industry-leading indoor air quality equipment. This includes the HALO-LED™, designed to help protect your family’s home from detrimental substances. Our goal is to provide you with a solution no matter your budget. We offer all kinds of equipment, from Micro-Particulate Ionizers to Filtration and cabinets, UV lights, and PCU Air Purification. Air purifiers offer a great way to purify your entire home effectively and inexpensively, giving you the chance to breathe deeply.

Breathe Confidently with Johns Creek’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning Service Provider

Everyone deserves to breathe clean, refreshing air, especially in their own home. Our expert air conditioning service technicians and premier products can keep your home cool in the summer, cozy in the winter, and allow you to breathe easy all the way through the year. Air Control Heating and Air have proudly been servicing Roswell, Johns Creek, and the surrounding North Atlanta communities and we can’t wait to do the same for you! 

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