rooftop hvac repair

5 Signs Your Rooftop HVAC Unit is Ready for Repair

Understanding the Warning Signs of a Commercial HVAC System

During your day-to-day operations, you may find yourself focused on the task at hand. The little imperfections around your workplace like chipped paint or a scuffed floor might go unnoticed, understandably. However, commercial building owners should not be quick to overlook their HVAC systems. You may be ignoring signs that the system is in need of repairs. As HVAC repair is a key part of nicely maintained commercial buildings, below are a few indicators your rooftop HVAC system needs attention.

rooftop hvac repair

Be Aware of These Signs

1. Unreliability

It is easy to take reliable HVAC for granted. That said, an unreliable commercial HVAC system may impact your business’ operations in more ways than one. In a commercial setting, a nicely temperature-controlled environment can positively contribute to employee production and customer satisfaction. This is an area that should not be missed, especially considering that poor ventilation may lead to OSHA violations.

For these reasons and more, a reliable HVAC system is essential for a commercial building. There are a number of ways a commercial HVAC system can perform unreliably. Some signs that your building may have an unreliable HVAC system include failure to produce strong airflow or failure to operate consistently. The best solution is to rely on the expertise of a technician from Air Control Heating and Air.

2. Increased Costs

rooftop hvac repair

An inefficient commercial HVAC system can affect your bottom line. By not running at full capacity, your HVAC system may be inflating your energy expenses. For example, a 10% reduction in airflow can increase system energy consumption by more than 10%.

For businesses noticing increased costs for energy consumption, it is worth having the HVAC system evaluated, maintained, and repaired as needed by a professional.

3. Strange Noises

Unusual noises coming from the HVAC system might turn into background noise if heard every day. A low hum or similar noises are common when the system is running; however, rattling, clanking, banging, or other disturbing noises should be addressed immediately.

Sometimes, the noise could simply be a result of some debris. In many cases, the strange sounds can indicate a bigger issue. If ignored, it could lead to further damage that may become costly. It is advised to have a professional assess the system for the best results.

4. Unusual Cycles

rooftop hvac repair

HVAC systems in need of repair might tend to operate in short cycles (when the compressor turns on and off more than it should). This may happen due to various issues. As a result, short cycling causes harmful wear-and-tear that can shorten an HVAC system’s lifespan. Some may assume that short cycles are fine because the system is “still working,” or so it may seem. It is important to note that a system that is short cycling is not working as intended.

Short cycles oftentimes require repairs, but have them addressed now so those repairs do not escalate to a system replacement.

5. It is Poorly Maintained

The maintenance crew of your commercial building may find it inconvenient or difficult to maintain or repair a rooftop HVAC system. While yes, rooftop access can be challenging at times, HVAC maintenance is still critical to avoid the issues listed above and more.

With Air Control Heating and Air, you always have a team willing to get on the roof for commercial HVAC upkeep, repair, and replacement.

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