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We’re deep into summer, and the hot sunny days have overstayed their welcome. While everyone can enjoy the fun that comes with summer days spent by the pool and trips to the beach, it does come with its obvious drawbacks like the extreme heat. As energy bills can be expensive, you may be looking for alternative ways to keep you and your home cool. At Air Control Heating and Air, Sandy Springs’ most trusted air conditioning service, we have created a list of tips to help keep your home cool this summer.

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1. Keep Your Blinds (and Curtains) Closed

Remember learning about the greenhouse effect in school? Well, that same effect applies to your home in the summer; sunlight and heat can easily enter, but they cannot escape. To solve the problem, you have to prevent heat and sunlight from reaching the inside of your home. You can do this by keeping the blinds closed during the day. This simple solution will eliminate up to 30% of unwanted heat in your home.

2. Plant Foliage Around Your Home

There are a multitude of benefits that can come from surrounding your home with foliage. Not only does foliage add to your home’s curb appeal, but it also provides shade and helps to keep your home cooler. 

3. Adjust Your Ceiling Fansair conditioning service sandy springs

Did you know that the rotation in which your fans spin can affect the temperature of your home? Setting your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer allows for them to push air straight down, which inevitably creates a cooling effect. Fans not rotating counter-clockwise may just be dispersing hot air around your home, rather than actively cooling it. Remember: counter-clockwise in the summer, clockwise in the winter. 

4. Watch Your Thermostat

While we all tend to boost that thermostat setting down to a cool 65 degrees in July, we are not only boosting our power bill but also causing our AC units to work harder. Try keeping the setting at 78 degrees. This will allow your home to stay relatively cool while not straining your air conditioning system. Also, if you find your ac cycling on frequently, even when it is cool in the house, your thermostat may be the culprit. 

5. Swap Out Your Lightbulbs 

A quick and easy way to keep your home cooler this summer is to swap out your old incandescent lightbulbs. Incandescent lightbulbs generate much more heat than their LED alternatives. Swapping out your inefficient lightbulbs for energy-saving LED lightbulbs will not only help keep your home cooler, but can also help combat high energy costs.

6. Work With Your Appliances

Windows are one of the biggest sources of unwanted heat in the home, but not far behind on that list are your home’s appliances. The amount of heat that simple home appliances put off can throw your home’s air conditioning unit for a loop. Working with and understanding your appliances can help keep your home cooler. Here are a couple of ways you can work with your appliances instead of against them. 

a) Instead of using the stove, opt for grilling outside. Taking advantage of the nice summer days by grilling out will also help you keep your house cooler. 

b) Opt to do your chores at night, rather than during the day. With the general temperature outside being cooler at night, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to combat the heat your appliances put off.

c) Invest in appliances that will help keep your home cool: crockpots and microwaves for cooking, eco-friendly appliances, etc.

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7. Maintain Your AC Unit

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is a crucial part of ensuring your home stays cool this summer and not experiencing a disastrous AC breakdown. HVAC systems, both residential and commercial, require maintenance to keep them working at their best.

Whether it’s time to have your air conditioning unit checked out, repaired, or you are facing the need for a new unit, Air Control Heating and Air has your solution! Air Control Heating and Air is Sandy Springs’ most trusted provider of air conditioning services. 

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