Will Closing Vents In My Unused Rooms Save Energy?

Not Closing Your Vents Could Save Your Home A Heater Repair

You may have heard that by closing the air vents in unused rooms you can save money on heating and cooling bills. Sounds reasonable, right? However, the opposite is the case. Doing so can result in increased energy consumption and degradation of the HVAC system, leading to more air conditioner and heater repairs.

Closing Vents Damages Ductwork

No matter how many vents you have open or closed, your HVAC system produces the same amount of air. When you close the vents to redirect the cool or heated air to more frequently used rooms it creates excess pressure within the ductwork. This excess pressure can lead to leaks in the ductwork.

Inefficiency and A/C & Heater Repair Costs

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Closed vents and leaking air means that your home is no longer being heated and cooled efficiently. This inefficiency leads to your HVAC system being forced to work longer and harder to reach the thermostat’s setting. As a result, increasing energy costs and HVAC system repairs can occur.

What About Closing Doors?

Another common misconception is that closing doors to unused rooms will save money. This has a similar effect to closing vents, resulting in uneven and inefficient temperature control as well as increased HVAC system pressure. Put simply when rooms are closed off airflow is restricted.

Further increasing energy costs and overworking the HVAC system can be the lack of insulation within interior walls. While this is not an issue when proper air circulation is allowed, it lends itself to increased energy consumption when airflow is blocked.

For example, if you are trying to heat your home and you close the door to a couple of unused rooms as well as the vents in them. Because heat naturally flows to cold areas, any uninsulated walls will allow the heat energy to flow away. This increases the frequency of heater and air conditioning cycling. Leaving your interior doors open as much as possible will save you money through efficient airflow.

Need A Heater Repair or Replacement?

It can be difficult to know if your furnace needs repair or replacement. Things like an unexpected increase in utility costs or noises can signal the need for an inspection. If it has been a while since your HVAC system has been professionally checked it may be time to contact a trusted HVAC company like Air Control Heating and Air.

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